Core offerings breakdown:

What does data, talent and content have to do with one another?

And why launch a company with these touchstone attributes in mind?

Content development for movies and TV and Silicon Valley tech?

What’s the connection?

Simply put, data represents all things relating to computers and the age of the internet.

Talent represents us — the human factor, whether designer, writer, artist, coder, producer, consumer or critic.

Content is the culmination of what we get out of merging data and talent.

The elements of the whole, explained a bit further:

DATA (numeric)

Algorithms, quantum computing, AI, machine learning, data mining, mathematics, crypto, web3, surveillance, computer science, open source intelligence, video streaming, graphics, video editing, CGI.

TALENT (human capital)

Technology and content recruitment, writers, coders, data scientists, actors, crew, cast, readers, viewers, editors, influencers, linguists, financiers, contractors.

CONTENT (language)

Storytelling, social media, film, television, video, graphic novels, documentaries, transmedia, emotional catharsis.

In-house, under one roof: 1) a diverse and highly specialized set of technical capabilities 2) access to a broad array of qualified talent resource solutions globally and 3) a team of hard-working data scientists, coders, writers, managers and producers to take your project or endeavor to the next level with optimal results. SOLVED.


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643 Ilalo Street, Honolulu, Hawaii USA 96813

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