Modern societies face Disinformation, Foreign Malign Influence, Bad Actors, Active Measures, Fog of War… Data Veracity: solved.

Understanding Applied Data In An International Security Context

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii — with decades of experience throughout the Indo-Pacific region — Strategic Language Resources LLC is a veteran-owned, hybrid tech-content consultancy with deep roots in technology, media and high-priority global concerns.

Among a variety of efforts the company has an ongoing focus on developing specialized linguistic and data research methodologies.

Compiling open source datasets emphasizing overseas scientific, technological and media information designed for US institutional clients.

Recruiting native-language Mandarin Chinese and other East Asian speakers (i.e., Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, respectively) to assist in efforts to apply analytical processes to the planning, design and implementation of complex information analysis systems with a focus on developing the strategic use of data to drive policy decision-making.

Designing and undertaking data-gathering efforts, comprehensive data studies and initiatives to increase accuracy and veracity of critical datasets.

Engaging in data-informed discussions with academics, analysts, entrepreneurs and industry leaders about how to maximize the use and understanding of the confluence of data, talent and content.

Why Strategic Language?

What is a strategic language? To English-speakers, it might be Chinese or Korean or Russian or Hindi. For most Asian professionals doing business abroad, it is English. For everyone, it is code, whether they really know what that means or not.

“China is now a true peer competitor in the military, technological and economic realms, except — except in one critical field: designing and manufacturing the most advanced microprocessors and logic and memory chips that are the base layer for artificial intelligence, machine learning, high-performance computing, electric vehicles, telecommunications — i.e., the whole digital economy that we’re moving into.” — Columnist Thomas Friedman

“StratLang’s top priority as a US defense tech startup is to become a pure East Asia-centric data analytic leader.” — Executive Summary


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